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A modern commercial lending solution that delivers exceptional customer experiences with seamless digital integration, smart data aggregation, and automated risk scoring.

Leverage Intelligent Automation in Lending for Streamlined Processes and Portfolio Growth

Achieve faster approvals, reduce manual efforts, and process higher volumes of loan applications effortlessly and efficiently with Finanta.

Achieve faster approvals, reduce manual efforts, and process higher volumes of loan applications effortlessly and efficiently with Finanta.

Achieve faster approvals, reduce manual efforts, and process higher volumes of loan applications effortlessly and efficiently with Finanta.

Move Away from Siloed Systems with Digitized Business Lending Solutions

  • End-to-End Lending Solutions

    No more disparate systems. Finanta seamlessly integrates loan origination, processing, maintenance, servicing and more creating a unified leading powerhouse.

  • Scalability and Growth

    Easily scale your lending operations with Finanta’s highly scalable infrastructure. A cloud-first approach that avoids overexposure while optimizing your portfolio.

  • Vastly Improved Operational Efficiency

    Improve operational efficiency and enhance staff productivity with automated processes, accelerated loan approvals, and reduced manual tasks.

  • Comprehensive Customer Insights

    Get a 360-degree view of customer relationships, demographics, and more. Leverage customer insights to cross-sell, up-sell, and improve retention


Metrics that Speak for Themselves

  • 42%
  • Optimize commercial loan origination for a 40% efficiency boost.
  • 72%
  • Achieve upto 72% reduction in cost overheads
  • 55%
  • Automate loan management for a powerful 55% increase in loan volumes.
  • 33%
  • Cut risk exposure by up to 33% with our advanced risk assessment tools.

Uncover the Full Customer Picture with Loan 360 degree Customer Insight

Why Choose Finanta for Your Commercial Lending Business

Finanta: Customizable platform with 36 collateral types, state-of-the-art digital interface, and flexible integrations for diverse banking needs.

Build, optimize and scale a tailored, seamless borrower and lender experience

Assemble your white-labeled platform and digital borrower and lender experience, bringing together rules engines, marketplace services, workflows, integrations to core banking and in-house legacy systems into a seamless platform.

Deploy an adaptable technology architecture that unlocks efficiency and lower cost to serve

Reduce manual processes impacting origination, utilization, due diligence, underwriting and document processing using workflows, pre-filled templates for document management and digital credit presentation. Reduce corresponding per loan cost for origination and maintenance.

Ensure easy follow-through on AML, KYC and OFAC compliance.

Leverage complaint templates, workflows and rules engines pre-baked into the platform, integration best-in-class due digilence, AML and sanctions compliance services to de-risk your loan portfolio

Leverage alternate credit and risk scoring models for a better portfolio

Smaller banks and credit unions without custom built platforms are able to bridge gaps in technology maturity and produce offering comparable to corporate banks, challenger banks and non-bank lenders by leveraging marketplace services for automated credit decisoning, risk scoring, due diliegnce etc.

ML driven underwriting and monitoring using structured data and open architecture.

Leverage our Data Aggregation API and Open Banking API to swiftly gather and process financial information. With Finanta, effortlessly tag, store, and analyze structured data, enhancing your capability to access and utilize alternate credit insights. Our system simplifies data collection, ensuring a streamlined and efficient approach to credit analysis and decision-making. 

An All Encompassing Commercial Lending Suite

  • Loan Origination
  • Finanta revolutionizes loan origination by streamlining client inquiries and pre-qualification, while automating application processes for a global lending solutions.
  • Digital Credit Presentation
  • Finanta transforms loan approvals by seamlessly compiling and presenting loan proposals using advanced digital tools for informed decision-making.
  • Compliance Checks
  • Finanta ensures impeccable compliance with automated KYC and anti-money laundering systems, adhering to regulatory and internal policies effortlessly.
  • Loan Servicing
  • Revitalize loan servicing with Finanta's efficient fund disbursement, real-time payment monitoring, and enhanced customer support through a comprehensive digital approach.
  • Loan Portfolio Management
  • Finanta excels in loan portfolio management by offering advanced tools for performance monitoring, risk management, and adaptive portfolio restructuring.
  • Asset & Collateral Management
  • Finanta secures assets and collateral through rigorous valuation and management, ensuring legal compliance and asset integrity throughout the loan term.
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Finanta unlocks business insights with customizable reporting and advanced analytics, integrating with BI tools for comprehensive loan performance and market analysis.
  • Marketplace Services Integration
  • Finanta amplifies lending operations with smart third-party integrations and fintech collaborations, leveraging advanced technologies for a competitive edge.

Dive into Commercial Lending Insights

In a world increasingly driven by technology, data, and digital marketing...

The development and application of advanced credit decisioning models are integral...

Finanta has saved us thousands of hours of work and has unlock data insights we never thought possible.

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